Changes in Cruise Company Names

Recently announced and observed company name changes have some people excited, others confused.

American Queen Steamboat Company

American Queen Steamboat CompanyEffective July 1, 2012, the company once known as Great American Steamboat Company is changing its name to American Queen Steamboat Company. This is an intuitive choice, as their recently renovated ship, the American Queen, has a stronger name recognition than the current company name. However, its timing is creating a bit of a stir, as the company just celebrated just over a month into its inaugural season.

The company is following the lead of one of its historic predecessors, the legendary steamboat company Greene Line Steamers, who in 1966 renamed their company Delta Queen Steamboat Company after their most famous boat, the immortal Delta Queen.

The company also announce their 2013 season, which includes new itineraries and themes to keep the excitement of river cruising going through 2013.


Un-Cruise This potential change is based more on observation than fact or official announcement.

At the recent christening of the Safari Endeavour and Wilderness Explorer, executives of Innersea Discoveries and American Safari Cruises unveiled a huge banner promoting the UN-CRUISE Adventure for its combined fleet of upscale yachts and expedition vessels. In press releases and some marketing material, the term UN-CRUISE was given increasingly higher prominence in public communications. The company had already begun cross-populating their fleet of ships, sharing various itineraries. The latest sign is the website redirecting to and the UN-CRUISE logo replacing the previous brand logos on their websites. Might there be a renaming in the works (officially)? Only time will tell.

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