Un-Cruise Adventure Cruises Extends to the Galapagos Islands

La PintaLove the style of Un-Cruise Adventures in Alaska, Hawaii, Baja Mexico and the Pacific Northwest? Then stay tuned, as the Galapagos is in sight.

With an official announcement still pending, Un-Cruise Adventures added a Galapagos itinerary to their selections, sailing the 10 day, 9 night “Colonial Quito & Galápagos Islands” itinerary aboard the 48-guest yacht La Pinta, starting in 2016.

The itinerary features two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Galápagos Islands and Quito’s historic city center. It also offers a two night stay at the historic boutique hotel Casa Gangotena in Quito’s Old City, voted Ecuador’s #1 hotel by Trip Advisor. Travelers will observe Galápagos wildlife up-close in their natural habitats—giant tortoises, endemic land and marine iguanas, penguins, reef sharks, and playful sea lions. Birders can experience unmatched birding opportunities; Red-footed boobies, Waved Albatross, Frigatebirds, Darwin’s finches, storm petrels, nocturnal swallow-tailed gulls, seabirds, shorebirds, tropic birds, and elusive short-eared owl. Active adventure seekers can snorkel in an underwater menagerie of marine life or view it all from above in the yacht’s glass-bottom boat.

View the itinerary details on our website, or contact Sunstone Tours & Cruises toll-free at 1-888-815-5428 to reserve your sailing today.


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