50 Years of Victory to Continue Exploring the Top of the World

50 Years of Victory
50 Years of Victory
Expedition Cruises to the North Pole aboard 50 Years of Victory will continue!

Officials from the ship’s owner, Poseidon Expeditions and Quark Expeditions met in Moscow and agreed to terms that will allow use of the vessel for polar tourism expeditions through at least 2018.

It had been previously announced that 2015 would be the final season for North Pole adventure voyages aboard the nuclear-powered icebreaker. At the time, increased demand from the industrial and cargo sectors was anticipated to require the world’s most powerful icebreaker for fulltime deployment in the Northwest Passage and other waters of the Russian Arctic.

On September 30, Atomflot stated that tourism use of 50 Years of Victory would be extended due to the earlier-than-projected completion of renovations to another nuclear-powered icebreaker, the Soviet Union. This vessel will now be deployed for pilotage duties, freeing up 50 Years of Victory for continued use by tour operators through the 2018 summer season.

Neither company has yet announced departure dates and rates for the 2016 season, but this is anticipated to be announced soon.


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