The Magic of Mackinac Island

Travel expert Stephen Burnett calls the Great Lakes the “last un-cruised region of the world.” Some of that is due to the size limitations on ships that pass through the locks and canals. Only smaller cruise ships can navigate these waters. This limitation makes it all the more special that we have the opportunity to cruise the Great Lakes.

There’s one other limitation that has created something unique and charming: the lack of automobiles on Michigan’s Mackinac Island. Site of Fort Mackinac, which helped turn the tide in the War of 1812, the island was also the center of 18th-century fur trade. In 1898, the town council had the forethought to outlaw motorized vehicles. This one decision has preserved the island’s charm in something akin to a time capsule.

Mackinac Island's Grand HotelVictory Cruise Lines sails the Great Lakes, and pays a visit to Mackinac Island. You can circumnavigate the island on foot or by bicycle, but the preference is Victory’s horse-drawn carriage tour. They take in the charming Victorian-era cottages, and then explore the island’s crown jewel, the Grand Hotel.

As a part of Victory’s commitment to get you closer to each destination than you ever thought possible, they don’t just drive by the hotel, they’ll have you stop in and join their generous buffet lunch. They’ll also engage the Grand Hotel’s renowned historian, Bob Tagatz, to come onboard the ship for a colorful talk on the history of Mackinac Island and its famous hotel.

Mackinac Island will transport you back to turn-of-the-century America. Experience its charm for yourself by sailing with Victory Cruise Lines aboard one of their four Great Lakes itineraries; the 10-day Great Lakes Grand Discovery, the 10-day Midwest Majesty & Archipelagos of Georgian Bay, the 9-day Natural Splendors of the Western Great Lakes, and the 10-day Great Lakes Explorer: Superior, Michigan & Huron.

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