Do it now! Springtime Alaska Small Ship…Bundle Up and Get a Bargain

Earlier than ever, the small ship Alaska season is about to begin. Not very popular, but yet the best time to visit the Alaska Inside Passage. We still have space for the April sailings, pretty much everything else is almost sold out. Alaska has been more popular this year than ever.

Alaska in SpringThink Spring as a start in April, just like the lower 48. April will have an average of 16 hours of daylight. The usual rainfall is less than peak summer, April less than May which has a 25% chance of rain. Still, way less then July and August. Will it be colder? Maybe a little, but you already have your jacket for your visit to the glaciers. Always very cold when you are in front of a wall of ice.

The plus of springtime in Alaska. Not as popular, kids still in school, summer vacation has not taken over the mindset. Still availability and lower prices.

Spring flowers

Skunk CabbageSnow melt allows the ferns to cover the forest floor. Salmonberry plants are blooming. Skunk cabbage is showing up everywhere which the bears love to munch on. Springtime flowers of all colors are visible.


Bonaparte's GullThe arrival of birds from their winter haunts. Either bound for the Alaska Inside Passage or flying through for a meal before flying more north in Alaska for the summer.


alaska-bearsThe best time is springtime. Brown and black bears coming out of hibernation are skinny and starving after their long winter of living off their fat. Their food source in springtime is at the water edge. Starving, they will come out more in the open to grab whatever food they can find. Much more visible than other times of summer. Springtime also the time for love…even for bears. Not unusual to see more than one bear, two, or even three together during this season. The female has a very short fertile period once a year, and springtime is it. Females commonly mate with more than one male. They are not shy about where they do it.


alaska-glacierPristine from the winter snow pack. Springtime only starting to do its melting process. Sun helps the calving and burgies that fall off the front of the glacier.


alaska-whalesSwimming north from their time down south in Mexico. Showing up hungry from their long trip. Always looking for food which makes them more visible.

Do I have you convinced?? Call Linda at Sunstone Tours & Cruises toll-free at 888-815-5428. Suppliers like Uncruise Adventures still have April space. Jump at the chance. Be spontaneous. Flights are less and cruise rates are less. A win-win…

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