Now Booking Alaska 2018 – Earliest Ever!

Now Booking Alaska 2018 – Earliest Ever!

Experiencing an Alaska glacier up close and personalWe have been selling small ship cruises since last century. And never have we had Alaska sold out so early. The 2017 season just started and you would be lucky to find an available cabin.
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Into the Mystic Haida Gwaii

Though Haida Gwaii, a spectacular archipelago off British Columbia, is known as the “islands at the edge of the world,” it is well within reach aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird and Sea Lion—the only U.S. vessels permitted to visit these hallowed islands in over twenty years. In large part, we were initially permitted to visit Haida lands because of our commitment to artisans, evidenced by our Artisan Fund and its varied projects, currently financed by a percentage of sales from onboard Global Galleries. The Haida are legendary Pacific coast artists and artisans. And to see their works, most strikingly the totems created by master carvers, and to hear the stories woven into the very fibers of Haida regalia, is indeed a privilege. We will visit the Haida Heritage Center at Kay Llnagaay, see a panoply of Haida art and crafts, even see artists
at work. But we will also experience the rare, spiritually satisfying adventure of exploring the coasts and landing on remote beaches to share the silence with silvered
sentinels—the weathered totems, carved lifetimes ago, that have kept watch on Haida lands since the first days.

When Lindblad Expedtions returns in May, the islands will be awakening from their winter slumber. Humpback whales will gorge on krill and the lush forests will warm, while still snow-clad mountains set the perfect context for this entrée into the life of the Haida.

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Alaska, the Beautiful

Need another reason to visit Alaska by small ship? Here’s a single day report from a naturalist aboard the National Geographic Sea Lion in Thomas Bay, Spurt Lake, Petersburg.

Northern Lights
Northern Lights

From midnight to sunset on this day, glorious light enchanted us. After a night of bubble-net-feeding humpback whales and a spectacular display of the northern lights we were greeted with another day of sunshine! Yes… this is only day two of our trip! Today’s hike to Spurt Lake took place in Thomas Bay, just north of Petersburg, our afternoon destination. Our two options were a hike in the forest or to go on a scenic small boat cruise around Thomas Bay. The small boat cruisers headed up the bay towards the Baird Glacier. On the way, three animals were abundant—seals, marbled murrelets and Arctic terns, all looking for some kind of lunch. Before the water got too shallow we got close enough to see some spectacular terminal and recessional moraines formed as the glacier recently retreated.

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Dual-Christening of Safari Endeavour and Wilderness Explorer

Dual Christening of American Safari Cruises Safari Endeavour (left) and InnerSea Discoveries Wilderness Explorer (right)

“It is a happy day!”

With that statement from Dan Blanchard, CEO at InnerSea Discoveries and American Safari Cruises, along with “Oh Happy Day” playing in the background, the dual-christening of the Safari Endeavour and Wilderness Explorer began.
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Among Giants with Flip Nicklin

Flip Nicklin, whale expert, will share his knowledge and stories from a life spent researching and watching whales on an upcoming Safari Endeavour Alaska sailing.

Flip first worked with Whales in Maui in 1979. With his father, Chuck, he was part of an Imax Movie crew filming “Nomads of the Deep.” He returned in 1980 to help Jim Darling determine the sex of singing Humpbacks (male). His first National Geographic Magazine story on Humpbacks was in 1982. He has published 20 National Geographic stories, three about work with Humpbacks and two about Killer Whales.

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