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64-Guest Safari Voyager Added to the Un-Cruise Adventures Growing Fleet

Safari VoyagerUn-Cruise Adventures (formerly American Safari Cruises and InnerSea Discoveries) announced today its acquisition of the 64-guest Safari Voyager for its yacht fleet with plans to offer Luxury Adventures year-round in Mexico’s Sea of Cortés beginning in November 2013. In winter 2015, the vessel will transition to sailing year-round in Central America. Previously Lindblad Expedition’s Sea Voyager, the vessel is currently in Colombia undergoing renovation.
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Last minute warm water sailings in Baja and Hawaii
Larry Bleiberg, special for USA TODAY10:51a.m. EST January 2, 2013

If you’re into photography or marine biology, or want to give your kids an intense nature experience, you might want to check out the new Un-Cruise theme trips.

The small-ship cruise line has added special theme sailings in Hawaii and Mexico’s Sea of Cortes for 2013.

The photography and marine biology trips will include a shipboard expert, who will offer presentations and meet in one-on-one sessions with guests during the week-long sailings.

The Hawaii trips on the 36-passenger Safari Explorer are seven-night cruises allowing the chance to explore four islands: Lanai, Molokai, Maui and Hawaii, the Big Island. In the Sea of Cortes, the 86-passenger Safari Endeavour sails round-trip from La Paz, Baja, Mexico.

The Kids in Nature sailings are aimed at families with children 12 and younger, and timed for spring break. The staff will present education programs and lead hiking, kayaking and snorkeling shore excursions suitable for all ages. Trips include March 9 and 30 Kids in Nature trips in Hawaii and March 9 and 23 Kids in Nature sailings in Mexico.

The photography cruises include two Hawaii trips: a Jan. 5 sailing with one of the world’s top whale photographers, and an April 6 trip with a top travel photographer. In Mexico, photography trips run Feb. 16 and March 16.

Marine biology trips are offered in Mexico on Jan. 12 and March 30 sailings.

All trips include trekking, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling and skiff excursions. Sailings accommodate a flexible itinerary, allowing for viewing wildlife such as whales and dolphins.

Un-Cruise Adventures is a company with seven ships sailing Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Its parent company is InnerSea Discoveries and it began as American Safari Cruises.

It’s seven ships are Wilderness Adventurer, 60 guests; Wilderness Discoverer, 76 guests; Wilderness Explorer, 76 guests; Safari Endeavour, 86 guests; Safari Explorer, 36 guests; Safari Quest, 22 guests; and the Safari Legacy, 88 guests

Special Family New Years in Sea of Cortez with Lindblad Expeditions

National Geographic Sea Bird

Expedition ship National Geographic Sea Bird at Elephant Rock Bay, Santa Catalina Island, Sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico. Photo by Ralph Lee Hopkins ©2012 Lindblad Expeditions & National Geographic

Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic has announced a special offer for the Holiday Journeys in the Sea of Cortez on their December 29, 2012 expedition. This extraordinary adventure in Baja California is now available with an offer of one child (17 and under) voyage for free with two full-fare-paying adults, a second child will receive 50% off. OR guests may opt to receive free roundtrip air from Los Angeles to La Paz.

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Paddle Boarding Takes Off with Small Ship Adventure Cruises

Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding © InnerSea Discoveries

Ever heard of Paddleboarding? Paddle Boarding is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. And “stand up paddle boarding is catching on aboard small ship cruises.

Originating in Polynesia, the sport has been popular in the South Pacific and Hawaii. The sport has begun to catch on in a perceivably unlikely location — Alaska. While Alaska may not be considered a natural location for this water sport, it’s perfect for the bays and coves that small ship cruises explore, due to the flatwater found in these areas. Another destinations where the sport is picking up steam is Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, where sea kayaks have been popular for years. And of course, you’ll find plenty of paddleboard enthusiasts off the coast of Hawaii.
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American Safari Cruises Adds Safari Endeavour to Mexico’s Sea of Cortez Lineup

American Safari Cruises announced today that its recently obtained Safari Endeavour will sail the Sea of Cortés in 2012/2013. The ship will sail a brand new, weeklong itinerary, “Baja’s Bounty,” sailing roundtrip from La Paz, Mexico.

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Special Baja California Photo Expedition

Up close to Gray Whales in Mexico's Sea of CortezLindblad Expeditions released a new Baja Mexico itinerary called Baja California Odyssey: San Ignacio Lagoon and the Sea of Cortez, a photo expedition that explores the Sea of Cortez, one of the best places for observing marine mammals in the world. This sails Jan. 11, 2012 from La Paz, Mexico for 11-days/10-nights aboard the 62-passenger National Geographic Sea Bird.

Joining Lindblad’s expedition team on this special sailing will be National Geographic photographer Susan Seubert, a recipient of Life Magazine’s Alfred Eisenstaedt Award, editorial photographer and photojournalist, along with two Lindblad-National Geographic-certified photo instructors. They will assist passengers in shooting wildlife photos while on trips by Zodiac, kayak, or walks. Read the rest of this entry

National Geographic day on the ship in Baja

March 17th from the ship
From the National Geographic Sea Bird in Baja California Find your Baja California cruise

The early morning light started painting with soft pastel tones the magnificent mountains of the Sierra del Mechudo to the west, when the National Geographic Sea Bird arrived at Los Islotes. A couple of volcanic guano-covered islets, Los Islotes is home to a small colony of California sea lions; located at the extreme northeast of the La Paz Bay, it is part of the Espiritu Santo Complex Biosphere Reserve and a small haven of marine life.

Well before we could see the sea lions we heard them calling, coughing and barking in as many different ways as sexes and age classes were present: small juveniles doing plaintive loud calls whereas the big bulls proclaimed their territories with deep barking. Soon, their shapes were clearly visible on top of the rocks and swimming all around the islets.

Numerous birds completed the show and added an extra touch of life to the already rich scene. Magnificent frigatebirds, brown pelicans, blue-footed boobies, turkey vultures and gulls were all over the place; brown pelicans were particularly active plunge-diving, trying to catch their breakfast just off our bow. This inspired us to go exploring the same waters after our own morning meal. Many of us went snorkeling and admired the sheer beauty and grace of the sea lions underwater; their maneuverability and speed are astonishing and could easily rival those of any fish!

After a full morning at Los Islotes we sailed north looking for new adventures; we had just started lunch when an announcement from the bow made everyone but the hungriest run away from the buffet line: a blue whale had been sighted! The largest animal that ever lived on this planet showed us its flukes many times as we watched it for a good half an hour, before continuing on our way to San Francisco Island.

Once there, where we engaged in numerous activities including snorkeling, hiking, kayaking and last but not least, a delicious dinner ashore. Star-gazing, story-telling, s’mores and dolphins jumping just off the beach made the perfect ending to a marvelous day in the Sea of Cortez!

Carlos Navarro, Undersea Specialist

Family Adventure Cruises

Want a family vacation that creates life-long memories for everyone. Consider a family adventure cruise this year.

A family adventure cruise aboard a small ship is a wonderful way for your family to experience the world and to reconnect with your children and your inner-child. Read the rest of this entry

Where are the small ships on Christmas Day?

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. And a good movie and chinese food to those who celebrate Hanukkah

We have done some fun research as to where some of my favorite small ships are sailing on Christmas Day. To the best of my knowledge, every one of these ships were sold out, sailing at 100% occupancy. We have Christmas bookings for 2011 and 2011. It is not to early to start planning.

American Glory – Lake George, Ocala National Forest, Florida

American Safari Explorer- Kona Big Island, for Christmas 2011
American Safari Quest – whale watching, Baja

Cruceros Australis – Stella Australis – Punta Arenas – Chile
Cruceros Australis – Via Australis = Cape Horn – Argentina
Cruceros Australis – Mare Australlis – Patagonia – Argentina

I.E. Evolution – Espanola Islands, sea lions, Galapagos

Le Diamant – sailing Vietnam, South East Asia
Le Levant – sailing Trinidad
Le Ponet – sailing Persian Gulf

Lindblad Expeditions Salacia – sailing Egypt

National Geographic Endeavour – Santa Cruz Charles Darwin Station Galapagos
National Geographic Explorer – sailing Antarctica
National Geographic Islander – Seymour Island, Galapagos
National Geographic Sea Bird – day at sea whale watching, Baja
National Geographic Sea Lion – sailing Panama Canal Transit, Costa Rica

Paul Gauguin Cruises m/s Paul Gauguin—Moorea, Society Islands (French Polynesia)

Regent Seven Seas Navigator—sea day; from Cabo San Lucas to Zihuatanejo, Mexico

SeaDream Yacht Club SeaDream I—Jost van Dyke, British Virgin Islands
SeaDream Yacht Club SeaDream II—Coconut Grove, Nevis

Silversea Prince Albert II—South Georgia, Antarctica

Cruise Review: Sea of Cortez and Copper Canyon

We just posted a new cruise review of the Sea of Cortez and Copper Canyon land extension aboard Cruise West’s Spirit of Endeavour.

Here’s a snippet from the review:

“The cruise made such an impression on me that I will now think Baja from now on when I get into my winter doldrums.”

View the entire cruise review…