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Lindblad Expeditions Purchases Orion Expeditions

Lindblad Expeditions announced today that is had purchased Orion Expedition Cruises. It’s sole ship, the Orion, will become part of their existing fleet starting March 2014. Sarina Bratton, founder of Orion Expedition Cruises, will leave the company that pioneered small ship expedition cruising in Australia on April 19, 2013.

Lindblad Expeditions partners with the National Geographic Society and owns the National Georgraphic Explorer, the National Geographic Endeavour, the National Geographic Sea Bird, the National Geographic Sea Lion and the National Geographic Islander. It charters the Delfin II, the Lord of the Glens, the Oceanic Discoverer, the Jahan and the Sea Cloud seasonally.

Orion Ship Saves Stranded Sailor in Antarctica

Passengers aboard the Orion where sailing on Day 11 of a 18-day Antarctica expedition cruise when they were drafted to assist in the rescue of a solo sailor who was adrift after his sailboat had sank more than three days earlier.

Crew members from the Orion rescue a sailor adrift in the Southern Ocean near Antarctica

Crew members from the Orion rescue a sailor adrift in the Southern Ocean near Antarctica

Experienced yachtsman, Frenchman Alain Delord was attempting to sail solo around the world, without assistance. He had been at sea since October last year. On Friday, his yacht, Tchouk Tchouk Nougat, was damaged and sank in rough weather off southern Australia’s Tasmania island.

The Orion diverted from its scheduled Antarctic itinerary to assist with the rescue, battling deteriorating weather conditions to reach him before sunset. It was the only ship within 100 nautical miles to respond to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)’s distress call. The AMSA had dropped Delord food, water, communications equipment and a safety suit on Saturday and had stayed in regular contact with him leading up to the rescue.

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2011 Holidays Aboard Small Ships

Many people settle down with family during the holidays to catch up, and reconnect with loved ones. For a small group, the holidays are a perfect time to explore and experience the world.

Small ship cruises have been busy this holiday season, exploring diverse areas of our world, from the southern reaches of Antarctica and the South Pacific, up to the unique Galapagos Islands and Central America, and further to Europe and America’s southern Atlantic coast.

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Orion’s Style of Exploration

Sarina Bratton

Founder of Orion Expedition Cruises, Sarina Bratton walks with local villagers in Watam Village, East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea.

Most people don’t equate the term “expedition” with “luxury,” admitted Sarina Bratton, founder and managing director of Orion Expedition Cruises.

“But we had to break that mould. The most challenging part for us was to explain to people what we were offering. We are an expedition ship, and we offer experiences that are very different to any other, but we have a luxury element to it.”
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Earth Shaking at Sea

Orion IIAn incident which many of the crew of Orion’s Orion II will not forget happened on her inaugural voyage on July 24, 2011. With a full load of invited guests – all previous Orion travellers – the ship had left Seattle, cruised up the Canadian coast via the Inside Passage, stopped off at Alaska, and was on its way across the Bering Sea when something odd happened.
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Orion Expedition’s 2-for-1 Deal on Last Minute Sailings

Now is the time to experience a path less traveled in 2011 to New Zealand and sub-Antarctic Islands, the Gulf of Siam, and Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam expeditions.

Orion Expeditions is offering “2-for-1” Fares on select itineraries and sailing for travelers. Also, the Single Supplement for these sailing has been waived, making it a perfect opportunity for single travelers to “see the world.”

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Asia Rich with Wildlife Encounters via Small Ship Cruising

When you think of viewing wildlife onboard a ship, you may initially think of Alaska, with its bears feeding on spawning salmon, or humpback whales bubble-net feeding or breaching high up into the air. Maybe you think of the Galapgos Islands, with its unique wildlife found nowhere else on earth. Or maybe you think of Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, considered by many of the Galapagos of the North.

Ever consider a small ship cruise to Asia?
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