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Alaska Cruise Review: American Safari Cruises Safari Spirit

Following is an excerpt from the latest Alaska cruise review on American Safari Cruises Safari Spirit.

Eight of our family members went on your small 12 passenger yacht. We all felt special the minute we walked up the dock to the ship. There you were waiting for us, everyone in their special uniform. Our family consisted of 20 year old to our parents who paid for it all who are not very active 80 years olds. I will say that each of us felt catered to and things were always accommodated for our exercise abilities. Nick our 20 year old was the youngest on the ship and we were concerned. What we didn’t realize is that some of the crew is only a few years older than he is and they took him under their wing for the whole week. I think he felt like an honorary crew members. Food was delicious and my diabetic father was taken care of. It was clearly what I would imagine a yacht experience would be. We felt rich and famous for the whole week. We would dock next to other even more luxurious yachts.

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Alaska Cruise Review: Safari Explorer

Following is an excerpt from an Alaska cruise review on American Safari Cruises Safari Explorer.

We were on American Safari Cruises Safari Explorer in Alaska. We are spoiled travelers and asked Linda for the most luxurious small ship yacht she worked with. I get sea sick and don’t particularly like the cold. So we had high expectations on her opinion. We were not disappointed.

We started with an overnight in Juneau at the Goldbelt Hotel. We were picked up by a town car. The hotel is nothing special, but I understand the best hotel in town. They picked us up from the airport and we had a nice size water view room. We visited the Red Dog Saloon, took Era Helicopters over Mendenhall Glacier and had breakfast at the Silverbow Bakery. A good start to our trip. Read the rest of this entry

Cruise Review: Historic South & Golden Isles aboard American Spirit

Following is an excerpt from an Atlantic Coastal cruise review to the Historic South & Golden Isles aboard American Spirit

My wife and I are world travelers. We decided to try something closer to home. We did not need a passport, and we were able to drive to Charleston where we met our lovely ship the American Spirit.

I am a Civil War history buff, and my wife loves plantation homes, and we are both foodies. This seemed like the perfect cruise for us, and it turned out to exceed our expectations.

Arrival in Charleston was a breeze. The cruise line has a place to park your car and brings you to the ship. This is where we encountered the red, white and blue uniforms of the most energetic, adorable, perfect staff that were to pamper us and be our friends for the week.

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Cruise Review: National Geographic Sea Lion in Alaska

The following is an Alaska cruise review from the National Geographic Sea Lion in Alaska.

This was our port day, the only day where we actually came into a real town/city. This was exciting because it gave us a chance to do whatever we wanted to do. We could shop, hike, take a tour, and take a shore excursion like kayaking. It was incredible. I decided to go shopping in the morning and then I grouped up with a couple of people from the ship and we went on a 12-mile hike. There are more hikes that are shorter than this one, but it was absolutely magnificent. We were told that there might be bears somewhere along the trail, but each person we came across said that they had seen no wildlife, with the exception of birds, and a very friendly dog that got my pants dirty. It was a great time to stretch my legs after being on the ship for 2 days.

We decided we wanted the direction that started in the capital of Juneau. At Linda’s suggestion we are staying at the Goldbelt Hotel. Also at her suggestion we paid a little more for a window water view room. Well worth it, when we woke up this morning we were able to see the Sea Lion pull in alongside the massive floating hotels, such as the Princess Cruise Line.. It is absolutely beautiful, though a little cloudy which makes me nervous about what it will be like when we get on the open ocean. I hope that it is nice and at least a little bit sunny.

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Cruise Review: New England Islands aboard American Star

Following is an excerpt from an Atlantic Coastal cruise review, the New England Islands sailing aboard American Star
A good time was had by all. We picked this particular sailing because it was round trip and we had to fly from the west coast.

We had a AAC cabin with a private balcony Cabin 311. Our bed was a queen and very comfortable. We were able to get a early booking discount with Linda, since we booked many months prior. Our cabin I would estimate at around 200 sq feet, well furnished with a door leading out to our small balcony. Our window opened also. We received a $50 ship board credit from Linda to help pay for shore excursions which are not included. However, free beer and wine is included, little backwards in my opinion.

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Cruise Review: National Gerographic Sea Bird in Alaska

Following is an Alaska cruise review aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird in July 2010.

I am typing this on my computer in the lounge of the National Geographic Sea Bird. It is our last night and I don’t want this to end.

Hard to believe a week has gone by, we departed Juneau after an extra night at the Goldbelt Hotel in Juneau. Juneau has two hotels; one historic and one more modern, both are well located and three star accommodations. We had a lovely large double bedded room. We explored Juneau and took some shore excursions to the glaciers and a hike up Mt. Roberts.

We were welcomed on the ship by the crew, walked right on and in our cabin was our luggage.

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Cruise Review: American Star sailing the Atlantic Coast

Following is an excerpt from an Atlantic Coastal Cruise review aboard American Cruise Line’s American Star

Linda, we can’t thank you enough for all the arranging you did for our group of 20. Your arrangement of our 10 cabins across from each other and in a row allowed us to have our own little party at the end of the ship. We would all open our doors and go from one room to another with our drink in hand. We were quiet and respected other passengers who ended up joining us in our fun times. We made the best friends and plan to sail with them again on another American Cruise Lines sailing.

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Cruise Review: National Geographic Sea Bird in Alaska

Following is an excerpt from an Alaska cruise review aboard National Geographic Sea Bird from August 2010.

I have cruised to Alaska twice on larger ships. Recently friends who had been on a cruise with Lindblad before talked us into trying the small ship experience. The differences between the cruise experiences surprised and impressed me – from the difference in size of small ships and the places they can go, the difference in traveling with 64 people instead of 1200-2500, the difference in sailing the true Inside Passage and narrow Alaskan fjords and waterways.

I’d love to recap some of the major highlights and differences that I discovered during my small ship experience.

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Cruise Review: Galapagos aboard National Geographic Endeavour

The following is a Galapagos Islands cruise review aboard Lindblad Expedition’s National Geographic Endeavour from December 2010.

There were so many choices in the Galapagos that I was over whelmed in making a decision. We researched up the gazoo. I came across Linda at Sunstone Tours who has been to the Galapagos and knew the many ships we were contemplating. Our issue was looking at the ships and not the naturalists and the experience. True to what Linda explained, the ship is NOT the focus, you are off the ship most of the time, it is the land, the animals, The Galapagos Islands being the focus. So that said we went with Lindblad/National Geographic since our research showed us they were the best by far in all the reviews mentioned. The highest rated Naturalists and have been sailing the Galapagos longer than any other company.

We were on the Endeavour with 98 passengers. We are a family of four, our kids are 13 and 15 and our trip was during the holiday season. We were prepared with hiking shoes, TEVA shoes for water landings, sun block, bug spray, good sunglasses, poncho, snorkel maskand anything else we could think of to spend more money at BIG 5. We were actually well suited and used everything we brought.

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Galapagos: Our First Day on the Endeavour

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Had an incredible day, flew to the islands this morning and after lunch we saw amazing wildlife and sealife. You can literally walk right up to the wildlife and touch it. More to come…