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Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic Announce Partnership with B&H Photo Video

Lindblad Expeditions - National GeographicB&H Photo Video

Lindblad Expeditions – National Geographic, leaders in expedition cruises featuring photography, has partnered with B&H Photo Video to offer Lindblad guests access to new savings and services to make the most of what they see during their trip.

Each Lindblad guest will receive B&H gear recommendations and discounts of up to 15 percent tailored to their chosen itinerary. The offer includes a private webinar offering itinerary-specific information to make the most of those scenic moments. Members of the B&H team will join select Photo Expeditions to offer new gear for guests to test and lead interactive workshops onboard.
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Professional Photo Tips for Travelers

Showing native children a camera

We’re sharing veteran wildlife and nature photographer George Ritchey’s tips for getting the most out of your equipment and experience. With over 35 years of wildlife photography experience and credits including Robb Report, Atlanta Journal Constitution andBirmingham Magazine, Ritchey offers travelers tips on how to capture, preserve and enhance their memories while traveling.

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Photographers & Small Ship Cruises – A Natural Fit

The latest issue of Outdoor Photographer (The Landscape Special) features an article from Ralph Lee Hopkins that documents the wild world in cruise expeditions that go to the ends of the earth. Ralph is a National Geographic photographer who can be found on many of the Lindblad Expeditions sailings. THis article is a must read for aspiring nature photographers and those who are wowed by these photos.

Expedition ships are a great platform for photography, but there’s no single “best place” onboard to set up camp. You have to be mobile. What follows is an except from the article on best places to shoot from an expedition ship:

  • While underway at sea, the stern or aft deck is best for photographing seabirds drafting along with the ship. I especially enjoy crossing the Southern Ocean to Antarctica and the dreaded Drake Passage, looking for wandering albatross effortlessly skimming the tops of the waves.
  • For shooting reflections of icebergs, I prefer to be as low as possible at the ship’s bow.
  • In contrast, for shooting patterns in the pack ice and polar bears at a distance, it’s best to be as high as possible on the top deck.
  • But when the whales or bears are close, put me on the rail where I can follow the action.
  • Image-stabilized lenses and a fast shutter speed are important for making sharp images shooting from the moving ship or Zodiac®. Every ship has its own unique motion and vibration. You still can shoot in rolling seas by firing in the troughs between waves when the motion is at a minimum. It’s not uncommon to shoot at ISO 400 or higher if that’s what it takes to get shutter speeds greater than 1/1000 sec.
  • If subjects are at a distance, I use a wide aperture (ƒ/2.8-ƒ/5.6) to maximize shutter speed. When depth of field is needed, I bump up the ISO and stop down to a smaller aperture. With noise-reduction improvement, ISO is now a creative control, so don’t just set it and forget about it. With changing conditions, vary the ISO as you do with the ƒ-stop.
  • Lastly, the polar regions are famous for variable and even stormy weather. In fact, bad weather can be a great time to make images, so be prepared with good foul-weather gear for both yourself and your equipment. Often, the most dramatic light is when the storm is clearing, so dress properly and get out on deck.

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Why Photographers Love Small Ship Cruises

In the past, we’ve shared how small ship cruises are perfect for nature photographers, looking to get up-close and intimate with their subjects. Well, Lindblad Expeditions has just shared some of their favorite wildlife images from around the globe. We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Visit Sunstone Tours & Cruises to view photographic opportunities for photographers.

World in Focus Photography Contest

Photographers, listen up! National Geographic Traveler Magazine and Photo District News present the “World in Focus” Photography Contest. The contest is open to both professionals and amateurs alike.

Once you select which type of photographer you are, you can submit photos based on the following categories:

  • Travel Portraits (People in their environment, celebrations, parades, and ceremonies)
  • Outdoor Scenes (Landscapes, wildlife, underwater, and aerials)
  • Sense of Place (Cityscapes, towns, villages that suggest a feeling or place)
  • Spontaneous Moments (Photos that capture fun, quirky, unpredictable moments)
  • Photo Essay (Up to six images that convey a story around a particular theme)

Contest prizes include:


  • GRAND PRIZE: 15-day trip for two to Antarctica aboard the National Geographic Endeavour.
    Contributed by National Geographic Expeditions
  • FIRST PRIZE: 5-day trip for two to The Cliffs Preserve in Patagonia, Chile. Contributed by The Cliffs Preserve
  • SECOND PRIZE: 6-day cruise for two on a Maine Windjammer Schooner. Contributed by The Schooners American Eagle and Heritage
  • THIRD PRIZE: 7-day Photography Workshop for one in Oaxaca, Mexico. Contributed by National Geographic Expeditions
  • SEVEN MERIT PRIZES: Nikon Coolpix P60 Camera and a Bogen Prize Package, including a National Geographic Tundra Monopod, a National Geographic Tundra Tripod with 3-way head, and an Earth Explorer Medium Shoulder Bag.
  • BONUS AWARDS: Winning images will be featured in the January/February 2009 edition of National Geographic Traveler, and displayed at the World in Focus Gallery Exhibit at PhotoPlus Expo October 23-25, 2008, in New York. All winning images will also be featured on the World in Focus Contest website, and the National Geographic Traveler website. In addition, winners will receive a one-year subscription to Photo District News.

ENTRY FEES: $12 per entry. Deadline: August 21, 2008. Pay $10 additional per entry for an extended deadline of September 8.


  • GRAND PRIZE: Free tuition for a 6-day professional photography workshop for one in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Contributed by Santa Fe Workshops ( One Nikon D-80 Digital SLR (body only) or equivalent. Expedition Carbon Fiber Tripod NGET2, Edpedition Hydrostatic Head NGEH1, Large Backpack NG5737, A PDN PhotoServe porfolio.
  • EACH CATEGORY WINNER: One D-60 Kit (including 18-55mm VR lens), Tundra Photo/Video Tripod NGTT2, Med Shoulder Bag NG2475, PDN PhotoPlus Expo Gold Pass
  • BONUS AWARD: Winning images will be features in a special winners gallery in PDN’s February 2009 issue, online at, and select winners will be displayed at the World In Focus Gallery at PDN PhotoPlus Expo.

ENTRY FEES: $35 per entry. Deadline: August 21, 2008. Pay $10 additional per entry for an extended deadline of September 8.

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For Photographers, The World Is Your Classroom

Outdoor Photographer Magazine published an article in their June 2008 issue titled “The World is Your Classroom.” The article calls out small ship cruising, and in particular, Lindblad Expeditions, for their photographic experiences. Here’s an excerpt:

“Lindblad Expeditions offers what they call Expeditions, or exotic photo trips, each with 60 to 150 participants sailing away on one of their seven ships to places like the Arctic, Antarctica, Baja or the west coast of South America. The trips aren’t seen as workshops, but more of ample opportunities to photograph various wildlife and landscapes while being accompanied by National Geographic’s finest photographers.”

Recognizing the value a small ship cruise experience can bring the photographer, Sunstone Tours & Cruises provides a special section on their website for small ship photography trips. The offerings cover the gamut of experiences; from exploring Alaska’s Inside Passage to discovering new territory in the Antarctic, and everything inbetween. View our Photography-themed sailings…

Photography and Small Ship Cruising

In its June 2008 issue, Popular Photography Magazine presented an article on tips for a photography adventure in the Alaskan Panhandle.. The article discusses the best way to see it all via a small-ship cruise. It also highlights small ship photo cruises. Here’s an excerpt:

“But the best way to see it all is on a small-ship cruise, like the Whales and Wilderness photo tour Cruise West ( invited me to take aboard its 84-passenger, 166-foot Spirit of Discovery. The Seattle-based cruise line made arrangements with outside tour operators for optional excursions in and out of Juneau (before and after the cruise) and Sitka, an historic town of about 8,600 where we docked for a day. Cruising on this casual and comfortable ship made it particularly easy — and pleasurable — to visit remote spots that have relatively few resources for tourists.”

To read more of this article, visit the Popular Photography website.

Sunstone Tours & Cruises offers several photography-centric small ship cruise itineraries. Visit our Photography themed cruise section for more information.