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Travel Guard(R) North America Providing Free Assistance Services to U.S. and Canadian Travelers Affected by Hurricane Sandy and ‘Frankenstorm’

Travel Guard North America® (, a leader in travel insurance solutions and assistance plans, announced today that it will provide emergency travel and medical assistance services free to all U.S. and Canadian travelers and their families potentially affected by Hurricane Sandy and storms in the northeastern United States.

Travel Guard’s free services offer travelers emergency travel assistance such as flight rebooking, hotel booking, emergency cash coordination and message relay, as well as emergency medical assistance including referrals, access to air ambulance and medical providers and more.

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LAX’s Terminal 6 Reopens After Renovations

The upgraded Terminal 6 has been unveiled after a $200m+ redevelopment programme jointly implemented by the TSA and Los Angeles World Airports over the past 13 months.

LAX Terminal 6 will now be the home of Alaska Airlines, which has also been involved in the upgrade, and the carrier’s presently relocating there from Terminal 3. Los Angeles Terminal 6 features a host of innovations centred on an ‘airport of the future’ passenger check-in concept. For passengers, there is an array of self-service check-in desks, at which boarding passes can be printed and checked bags can be paid for. There’s a bag check-in station and then an advanced conveyor belt system which, having passed through security, feeds luggage directly onto the waiting aircraft.

The new LAX Terminal 6 also features an energy-efficient Board Room airline lounge with reduced-consumption lighting systems, electrical outlets in place at 50 per cent of the boarding gate area seating and new hi-tech information displays.

Tips for the First-Time Birder


Recent years have seen birdwatching emerge as one of the most popular nature travel activities. Yet while some vacationers are eager to catch a glimpse of our feathered friends, simple mistakes can make a birding adventure an exercise in frustration.

Fortunately, there are a few things that amateur birdwatchers should keep in mind whenever they enter the brush in search of an elusive species.

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National Geographic’s Life in a Day Opens in California

This past Sunday July 24, 2011, I attended the premiere of the National Geographic Documentary “Life In A Day”.

The film is shot by hundreds of people from around the world on July 24, 2010. People from all walks of life and destination are captured living their normal everyday life on this specific day.

80,000 submissions from 192 countries were sent in hoping to be included in the 90 minute film. The subjects are varied, sad, happy, emotional, touching, silly, artistic, all creative and different rolled by the crew into a full day, morning noon and night of life on July 24, 2010.
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Saturday is USA Passport Day

Planning a cruise sailing outside of the United States? Time to obtain or renew that passport, well in advance of that trip.

Typically, the process is via postal mail, and can take some time. However, this Saturday, April 9, passport agencies and participating passport acceptance facilities throughout the U.S. will be open to serve people in person. So take advantage of of this once-a-year opportunity. Be prepared with passport forms, fees, processing times, and more information.

A list of the office locations, hours and required documentation can be found at the State Department website.

March 2011 Computer Desktop Wallpaper

For the March 2011, we look forward, as these passengers are doing. Looking forward to spring, looking forward to the Alaska and Atlantic Coastal cruise seasons. Looking forward to exciting explorations.

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February 2011 Computer Desktop Wallpaper

We know it’s snowy and cold across much of the United States. However, we could not help ourselves when we saw this photo of a polar bear looking up at guests aboard an Arctic expedition cruise aboard Lindblad Expedition’s National Geographic Explorer. Not only can the other cruise lines transit this part of the world, if they could, they wouldn’t get you this close to nature.

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January 2011 Computer Desktop Calendar Now Available

Happy New Year!

Finally! A few days late. But hopefully well worth it.

For January’s computer desktop calendar, we wanted to divert your thoughts of snow, rain, and generally unpleasantness, and turn your thoughts to tropical oasis’s. And the first one to pop into our heads was Alor, in the tropical Spice Islands of Indonesia. Here’s blue skies and clear blue water create the need to snorkel on the water, peering down at the underwater treasures below.

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Oh, and by the way, if you’d like to take your mid-winter day-dreaming even further, check out our South Pacific small ship cruise itineraries.

December 2010 Computer Desktop Calendar Now Available

For December’s computer desktop calendar, we couldn’t help ourselves in offering this view of Alaska’s famous aurora borealis.

Click the image to the right to view wallpaper with and without the calendar. And don’t forget to stop by next month for another beautiful computer desktop wallpaper scene.

And from all of us at Sunstone Tours & Cruises, Happy Holidays and Happy Traveling in 2011.

November 2010 Computer Desktop Wallpaper Now Available

With the chill of winter soon upon us, we thought a reminder of destinations below the equator might be soothing. For November, we picked this scene from a Galapagos expedition. The cruise guests aboard this zodiac are getting a great view of a whale shark.

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