2011 Holidays Aboard Small Ships

Many people settle down with family during the holidays to catch up, and reconnect with loved ones. For a small group, the holidays are a perfect time to explore and experience the world.

Small ship cruises have been busy this holiday season, exploring diverse areas of our world, from the southern reaches of Antarctica and the South Pacific, up to the unique Galapagos Islands and Central America, and further to Europe and America’s southern Atlantic coast.

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Love Those Crew Members on the Small Ships!

Simply stated, they become part of your traveling experience.

Different from the big ships where your waiter is only your waiter and your steward only fixes your cabin, otherwise they are somewhere else and you never see or interact with them. You may know your cruise director, but will he know you?

Crew members on a small ships share the thirst for adventure along with the passenger. Their job is unique in that they have the duties of whatever they are assigned, but they are also there to mix and mingle with the passengers. They become your traveling companions, your fellow explorers, your experts on less traveled waterways. Continue reading “Love Those Crew Members on the Small Ships!”

Sitka, Alaska new dock no ships

Sitka, Alaska has built a new dock to encourage the big cruise ships to visit their small port town. So far they have a dock and no big cruise ships.

This is the time to take your SMALL ship cruise that visits Sitka. Once the big ships show up the town will be overrun. At this point I do not think there is a single Carribbean gold store in Sitka, as in all the other big ship ports. Sitka is on the verge of change, and not for the better in my opinion. I believe 2013 will see the transition of a native port to a tourist port. Continue reading “Sitka, Alaska new dock no ships”